Jalen Pickett Interview

Photo via Sienasaints.com

Jalen Pickett has been one of the best Mid-Major players in the country the past two seasons and next season looks to see him continue that trend. Last season he averaged 15.1 points, 6 assists, and 4.6 rebounds per game for Siena. He’s a two time All-MAAC 1st team selection and was the 2019-20 MAAC Player of the Year. I fully expect him to win the Player of the Year honor next season for the second time in his career. I was able to chat with Siena’s star guard. Below is the interview: 

Q: Your team was on a roll to end the season, how far do you think you guys would have gone in the tournament had it not been canceled?

A: “We could’ve gone to the sweet 16 I think. We got it rolling and we were shooting it well.”

Q: How has the Coronavirus affected your ability to workout this off-season?

A: “It affected me majorly at the beginning. Nobody was really letting people in the gym so then I had to go outside for a couple weeks before I finally started working out in the gym and we try to keep the numbers low with just like 5-7 people in a workout.”

Q: What have you been working on the most this off-season to improve for the upcoming season? 

A: “Trying to get more explosive going to the basket and 1 foot finishes.” 

Q: What’s your favorite memory of your college career so far? 

A: “Winning the Manhattan game this year. We came out and played a great game.” 

Q: What’s the toughest road environment you’ve played at in college so far? 

A: “St. Peter’s gym is the worst. Toughest place to play is St Bonnies.”

Q: Are there any NBA players you study and/or model your game after? 

A: “Chris Paul with the way he uses the Pick and Roll game.” 

Q: What goals do you have for next season? 

A: “Making a run in March Madness.” 

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