Interview with Jason Preston

Photo credit: Ben Weilgopolski

Jason Preston is a star guard for the Ohio Bobcats. Last season he averaged 16.8 points, 7.4 assists, and 6.4 rebounds per game. He was also efficient in putting up these numbers, shooting 51.5% from the field and 40.7% from 3. He is one of the hardest workers we have in the college game. This is evident from his massive improvement in almost every area of the game from his freshman to sophomore season. I was fortunate enough to get to chat with Ohio’s star guard. Below is the conversation: 

Q: You had a major jump in almost every statistical category from your freshman to sophomore years, can you talk a little about that and what went into that improvement?

A: “Most definitely, I wanted to put on some pounds number one last summer and I was able to make a 15 pound jump last summer, also wanted to make a jump on 3 point shooting, and showcase more of my playmaking/finishing so i just watched a ton of film, literally every LeBron film ever.”

Q: With the whole coronavirus thing have you experienced any setbacks in working out during the quarantine? Have you had a hoop to play on the whole time? 

A: “I’m actually back up at Ohio and I’ve been blessed to have a gym and a place to workout during this time, very excited for this next year.”

Q: That brings me to my next question, what aspect of your game are you working on improving the most this off-season? 

A: “Definitely getting stronger once again, as well as my shot and being consistent! A lot of little things as well, watching a lot of film!”

Q: Which NBA players do you model your game after and study?

A: “I really really study LeBron, he’s far ahead of anyone else I model, but CJ McCollum and Chris Paul are also guys I heavily study.” 

Q: What’s been your favorite memory or game from your college career so far? 

A: “Either this year at Iona or at Miami (OH), the Miami game we had a crazy comeback down double digits with over 2:40 to play, and Iona the energy was crazy the whole game was, and was a great win for a young team like us.”

Q: What’s the toughest road environment you’ve played in? 

A: “Last year at Purdue, this year at St. Bonaventure. It was a smaller gym that was really packed and everyone was loud.” 

Q: What’s it like playing for Coach Boals?

A: “It’s amazing, the best coach I’ve ever played for. He truly loves and respects his players, and he gives you the freedom, and opportunity to play your game, everyone on the team WANTS to play for him. I can’t say enough about him.” 

Q: What are some goals you have for the upcoming season? 

A: “To win a MAC championship and make some noise in the tournament.”

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